My research examines the intersection of Christianity, capitalism, and technology in early North America. Initially, my work focused on early nineteenth century Christian businesses, but has since broadened to include subjects such as early North American illustrated Bibles and the religious lives of nineteenth century gun manufacturers. Questions that animate my research include: How has religion influenced marketplace behavior? To what degree have American visions of consumerism reflected gendered Protestant ideals? Did early American Protestants influenced by revivalism use the expanding market to impose their spiritual visions upon the rest of the country? What do Christian approaches to money and exchange say collectively about morality and the market? What do the changes in how illustrated Bibles portrayed women say about fundamental shifts within early American Protestantism? How did the myth making of nineteenth century gun manufacturers help lay the foundation for America’s gun culture?

Recent/Upcoming Research Presentations:

Mar 2024 – Business History Conference (Providence, RI)

Nov 2023 – American Academy of Religion (San Antonio, TX)

Oct 2023 – Center for the Study of Guns and Society (Middletown, CT)

July 2023 – Society for Historians of the Early American Republic (Philadelphia, PA)

Mar 2023 – Business History Conference (Detroit, MI)

Jan 2023 – American Historical Association (Philadelphia, PA)

Mar 2022 – Conference on Faith and History (Waco, TX)

May 2021 – Adolf A. Berle Symposium on Corporation, Law and Society (Seattle, WA)

Dec 2020 – Newberry Seminar on Religion and Culture in the Americas (Chicago, IL)

Feb 2020 – Social Sciences Division Seminar, Wesleyan University (Middletown, CT)

Jan 2020 – American Society of Church History (New York, NY)